Terms and Conditions INTRODUCTION

The Terms and conditions presented by the website kti -voyages.com are based on the decrees 94-490 of 15 June 1994 made under section 31 of the Law 92-645 of the 31st July 1992 relative to the Moroccan law laying down the conditions for conducting activities related to the organization and sale of travels or holidays . Registration for one of our trips implies full acceptance of our terms of sale that the customer has previously consulted. Any derogation for the customer will not bring any innovation to these conditions. The total or partial invalidity of any provision of the Terms shall not constitute revocation of their remaining provisions. Our terms and conditions are attached to applications for registration, the invoices and are available on our website. Their text can also be obtained on request from the company headquarters.


Any customer acknowledges having read these terms of sale and all terms of the proposal before placing his order. Therefore, the buying act constitutes a full acceptance to our terms of sale. Any derogation for the customer will not bring any innovation to these conditions. The total or partial invalidity of any provision of these Terms shall not constitute a revocation of their remaining provisions.


Our prices are in Moroccan Dirhams , as well as in currency using exchange rates prevailing at the date of the offer or the publication . They should be checked at the time of registration. They do not include: Noncurrent government taxes at the date of registration, the supplementary insurance to our liability (as described below) , airport taxes, visa fees , personal expenses (drinks , supplements, laundry , telephone, fax, security for the loan of various materials , ... ) excess baggage, bail , charges or penalties incurred as a result of a contravention of the laws of the countries concerned, excursions not mentioned in the inscription, tips and generally any service not expressly included in the registration form .

Journey durations are given in days , including the day of departure (from the time of meeting at the airport) , day of arrival, the number nights actually spent on site and the time spent on transportation . The duration of ground services may be modified for reasons due to transport delays or force majeure without engaging any compensation or reimbursement.

We reserve the right to revise our prices in case of significant increase in transport costs , fees , insurance , taxes and exchange rates between the date of registration and the day of departure . Revision intervenes by adding only the additional cost that we would have to bear.


Every effort is made to provide photos and illustrations giving the user (client) an accurate overview of the proposed services . These photographs and illustrations are intended to tell the user (client) on the accommodation category or degree of comfort. These photos are for illustrative purposes and have no contractual value over the comfort level, equipment or landscape visited .


It is possible that for identical products, our participants may pay a different price. Customers who paid the normal rate shall in no case receive a retroactive refund.
It should be noted that the reductions are not cumulative with any other promotional offer.


The following terms and conditions of sale govern all transactions made on the web site www.kti-voyages.com . All orders placed on this site assumes the client’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.
This contract is a distance contract that defines the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of the products of KTI Voyages on the Internet via “Maroc Telecommerce” platform .
Maroc Telecommerce is a transaction management service and a registered trademark of Maroc Telecommerce SA
To pay by credit card you choose the payment method among those proposed by KTI Voyages :
• Visa, MasterCard , Maestro, cmi , Maestro, Diners Club and Discover.
Payments are secured by the company Maroc Telecommerce that offers a fully secure payment service.
The Consumer guarantees KTI Voyages that he has the required permission to use the method of payment chosen by him during the validation of the order form .
In case of payment by credit card, the dispositions relating to the fraudulent use of the payment card between the Consumer and the card provider and between KTI Voyages and its bank apply.
The data recorded by Maroc Telecommerce SA and the platform Maroc Telecommerce on behalf of KTI Voyages constitute proof of all commercial transactions between you and the company KTI Voyages .
This listing implies immediate payment by credit card of the total amount of the proforma invoice including the value of all services purchased . All documents regarding the purchase of these services (voucher and purchasing conditions / cancellation) will be sent electronically to the user (client).

Non-compliance by the customer of the payment schedule will be considered as a cancellation by the client without complying with the general conditions of sale and we are entitled to terminate the contract. The buyer can’t claim the refund of its deposit nor any compensation.


The information provided by the user (client) on the Site allow us to process and execute his orders (products and services).


Since we constantly strive to better serve our customers , we may sell subsidiaries or business units. We can also be acquired by another company or merge with another. In such circumstances, customer information may be those of the business assets transferred.
The Privacy Policy available on the Site govern all provisions relating to the protection of personal data. In case of inconsistency between these Terms and the Privacy Policy, the latter shall prevail.
All needed information to process and execute commands, are indicated by an asterisk in the pages of the Site.
Other inquiries calling an optional response, or information relating to the interest of the user (client) for offers may be sent to him. They are intended to know him better and to improve the provided services.
All information provided by the user (client) on the Site is collected and processed in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.
Unless expressly opposed by the user ( client), kti -voyages.com may be required to provide this optional information about the user (client) to its partners. The user (client) expressly consents to the transfer.
kti -voyages.com may contact the user (client) by any means ( electronic, paper , sms, etc. . ) to provide him information to enhance his user experience, to offer him promotional materials or to provide offers or the Partners of KTI Voyages. The usage od the client’s information are subject to the prior consent or opposition of the User (client) , as it is referred to in the Privacy Policy.
The occurrence of an unpaid invoices due to fraudulent use of a credit card, will lead to an inscription of the coordinates of the user (client) who is is the origin of this incident, within a payment incident file implemented by the insurer and under its responsibility.
The user (client) has , at any time, the right to access, modify , rectify and delete data concerning him. He can do so by sending an e-mail to: contact@kti-voyages.com
Acceptance of the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions by the user (client) implies acceptance of all the provisions of the Privacy Policy of kti-voyages.com .


Journey times are given in days , including the day of departure (from the time of meeting at the airport) , the day of arrival at whatever time , travel time and the number nights actually spent on site. The duration of ground services may be modified for reasons due to transport or force majeure without giving rise to any compensation or reimbursement.
Conditions and cancellation fees are indicated on each product sold on the site in the "Cancellation Condtions " section.


According to international practices, the rooms are made available , except local exceptions , from 1:00 pm at noon regardless of the arrival and departure times . Following technical reasons of force majeure or acts of third parties, we reserve the right to replace the hotel provided by a facility of the same class. Our prices are contract prices, it is therefore impossible to consider some discount prices charged on site at certain dates. We will not take into account any claim or refund in relation with the precedent point. The descriptions are made with care, however they are not guaranteed and we cannot be held responsible for changes made in the meantime. The number of meals depends on the number of nights spent in hotels. The full board starts with dinner on the first night and ends with breakfast on the last night. Half board includes breakfast and one meal a day (usually dinner). Drinks are included only when specifically mentioned. These meals can be provided both during an excursion into a local restaurant, a picnic or at the accommodation facilities. Children under 2 years do not have adult bed in hotels. “Double share” rooms are offered following the acceptance of a person willing to share. If not, a single room supplement should be acquitted.


Schedules, type of aircraft , company names , route, airports of departure and arrival are indicative only , they are subject to change without notice even during the journey . These changes as well as any technical incident, accident, delay, cancellation, strikes, additional stops, random events, political, social, cultural, climatic, due to third parties or force majeure could not give the right to cancel the trip at no cost, will not lead to any compensation and we would have to bear any consequences of any type whatsoever, in particular management fees pre or post delivery.

In case of transport schedule change due to the carrier, especially in the case of special flights , called " charter " and "low cost" flights our responsibility cannot be engaged if the change exceeds 48 H. In the event that the change is related to a case of force majeure, the 48 hours period starts to run from the moment the force majeure has disappeared. In case the 48 H is exceeded, our liability shall be limited to a fixed and discharge allowance equal to the value of ground services, according to the time of passing through indivisible period of 24 h, independently from the financial consequences of the passenger. Baggage is carried free of charge in principle within the limit of 20 kg per person occupying a seat , which excludes children under 2 years. This duty is reduced on some companies it is recommended not to exceed 15 Kg. Surpluses are taxed at the rates applicable to individual passengers. The passenger must pay for the surplus. Any lost or damaged baggage must be reported by the passenger to the airline company and possibly to the insurance company if additional baggage insurance was purchased.
Children under 2 years do not have a seat on the plane. Unaccompanied children under 15 are refused.
All ticket lost or stolen will not be refunded and must be redeemed by the customer. All the consequences of such loss, theft or unauthorized use will be at the cost of the customer . The customer is required to re- confirm their return flight booking on the spot. Otherwise, he would lose the benefit of the reservation and his ticket without being entitled to compensation. Pets are not allowed in our travels.


Prior to his entry and departure, the buyer will have to inform himself from the relevant authorities such as embassies, consulates ... about police formalities , customs and health requirements for the journey. He must himself make such formalities and ensure that it complies with the requirements of the relevant authorities for the duration of his journey, under its full responsibility for himself and for accompanying persons in particular minors. We note that these procedures are subject to change. The information we give are only informative and relates only to adults who have the capacity to contract under the conditions described in the sales conditions presented above, ie of legal age and not under guardianship . These conditions are part of the contract of sale.
We can in no way be held responsible for the consequences of force majeure , acts of God or acts of third parties .
We disclaim all responsibility in case of cancellation or modification of benefits due to weather conditions or other events beyond our control.
For the execution of our travels, we use different carriers that have their own responsibilities toward their travelers .
The concept of civil liability (accident, fire, theft, etc ..... ) varies according to the laws of the countries concerned , it is advisable for travelers to cover additional insurance individually to any previously purchased through us. < Br > The liability of airlines is limited. The passenger ticket constitutes the entire agreement between them and the buyer. The airline assumes sole responsibility for any losses , damages and accidents that may occur to travelers, their animals and their luggage.


In case we would have to cancel the trip or stay , the customer will be offered a trip at a comparable cost. If the client refuses it will be refunded the amount paid and will receive compensation equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation was due to him that day. If the cancellation is caused by circumstances of force majeure or defending the safety of passengers, the customer cannot claim any compensation . If the cancellation is due to an insufficient number of participants no later than 21 calendar days before departure, the customer cannot claim any compensation. In some cases delivery can be maintained despite the lack of participants at an extra cost charged to the customer.


We agreed with the Axa insurance a professional liability insurance. Company number : 0382.5203.500012 against the financial consequences of our professional liability . We recommend our clients to take out additional insurance.


Any claim relating to a trip or will be received as well as in the service concerned , no later than 21 days after the date originally scheduled for the end of the service, by registered ( RAR ) letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It is clear that any claim is made by fax, telephone, regular mail, email, or other means, without delay, and not made with the concerned provider, will be taken into account. In case of dispute, the Commercial Court of Casablanca will have exclusive jurisdiction.


In case of dispute , only the Moroccan law within the economical court of Casablanca will apply.